“The old Trattoria Dante on the homonymous street proudly raises its banner among the houses of the railway workers”.

(on the wall, a photo from the early 1900s)

Antica Hostaria Dante Alighieri

The Antica Hostaria Dante Alighieri is located in Dante Street along the axis that connects Piazza Ferretto to the Venice-Mestre railway station, in one of the historically most populated areas of Mestre, where in 1910 began the construction of the railway park and district.

Originally known as a refreshment point with an attached wine and food shop serving the small town of Mestre, then independent, over time the Antica Hostaria Dante Alighieri has maintained the sole activity of restaurant-trattoria.

Dante Street has also witnessed some noteworthy buildings, such as the primary school “Cesare Battisti” – which is one of the most historic schools in the city of Mestre inaugurated in October 1922 –, the “Lorenzo Bettini” pedagogical library, which collects 13,500 books of Sciences of the education and instruction, and the Dante cinema, opened in 1950.

Via Dante is one of the first cycle paths in Mestre, today known as the best-managed example of a safe urban route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Today ideal for a pleasant stop!

Today it is the ideal destination for a lunch, dinner or a stop after a bike ride or a long walk in the heart of Mestre, where you can relax and savor the typical dishes of Venetian cuisine revisited in a modern key, immersed in a warm and welcoming environment.


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